John Allen

What do you do Monday – Friday?

I teach in secondary schools.


Marmite! I like a sense of humour. I don't really like to think of dislikes as I believe God can use anything that comes my way when I respond as He wants.

Family, children, pets?

I love my family which is rather large. I have 9 nieces and nephews. No pets myself but I love the family ones.

What is your favourite Bible passage?

I am with you always… (Matthew 28:20)

Short testimony

I put my trust in Jesus after many visits to church. I remember in anger saying I would never go back but each time got drawn back. What was and is remarkable is God's faithfulness. I love His compassion and willingness to guide and forgive. I am grateful that God doesn't love any of us because we are important but we are important because we are loved. I'd like to see many experiencing the amazing love of God.

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